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Senior Director of Clinical Operations: Amy Trask, LPC
Executive Director: Jeanine Glasgow

Behavioral Health Services
To meet the behavioral health care needs of the Philadelphia community and JJC's own populations, JJC offers the Behavioral Health Services program. Staff of the BHS program work closely within a child's treatment team, including family doctor and other health care professionals, family, school, and extended community, to provide comprehensive care to our clients.

The Behavioral Health Services program is a licensed outpatient mental health facility. As a part of a family-oriented agency, the clinic provides the most thorough approach to treatment in the least restrictive setting possible. Services provided include psychiatric and psychological evaluations, individual, group, and family psychotherapy, behavioral interventions, and moderate levels of crisis intervention. Our treatment team also provides "wrap around" services such as mobile therapy and in-home therapeutic support services, as needed.

The program's consulting psychiatrist is Darren Piechota, M.D., who is board certified and has special training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

This program is a licensed outpatient mental health facility under contract with Community Behavioral Health (CBH). Following is a summary of the services offered by the clinic:

Service Description
Evaluations Comprehensive psychiatric and psychological evaluations are available to assess the needs of each child. Our inter-disciplinary treatment team provides a multi-axial diagnosis, as well as in-depth recommendations for treatment planning.
Medication reviews Our psychiatrist can prescribe psychotropic medications with periodic medication reviews
Group therapy Group interventions are provided for special populations such as children with incarcerated parents, group home populations, or children in need of assistance with socialization skills.
Individual and family psychotherapy These therapy sessions are offered at our Coulter Street location and our satellite clinic at Island Ave.
Mobile in-home "wraparound" therapy Our therapists provide therapy to BHS clients in their own homes. In keeping with the Child and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP) principles, this form of treatment strives to incorporate members of a child's service team and community in the therapeutic process.
Behavior specialist This specialist designs behavior management plans for appropriate children to lessen the severity of the behaviors that warranted referral.
Therapeutic support services Therapeutic support staff implement individualized behavioral programs, and may work with the child in school or at home.
Acute psychiatric emergencies BHS provides its clients with moderate levels of crisis intervention. For acute psychiatric emergencies, the clinic offers a twenty-four "hotline", as well as referral agreements with two of Philadelphia's hospitals.

Licenses and affiliations
PA Department of Public Welfare - Office of Mental Health *PA Department of Public Welfare - Office of Children, Youth and Families
Community Behavioral Health (CBH)
Children, Youth and Family Council
Philadelphia Department of Human Services
Delaware County Department of Human Services
Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN)

Referrals to the Behavioral Health Division may be made by contacting the office coordinator at (215) 849-2112 ext. 5236.