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Juvenile Justice Center Family Services of Philadelphia
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A non-profit, multi-service organization dedicated to the welfare of children and families in Philadelphia.  

Board President: Joseph Nicholson 
Board Secretary: Mary Cole Esq 

Board Treasurer: Deborah Parker
Executive Director: Jeanine Glasgow


JJC Family Services
100 W. Coulter Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19144-3402 
Phone: (215) 849-2112 
Fax: (215) 849-0393 
Website: www.juvenilejustice.org

Foster parents are needed to provide a home for children and youth. If you are interested please call (215) 849-2112 ext 5167. To learn more about foster parenting at JJC, please click here.

Licensed by the Department of Public Welfare, the agency contracts with the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, Delaware County Department of Human Services, Public Health Management Corporation, Community Behavioral Health, and Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network.