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Program Director : G. Wayne Mallory
Executive Director: Jeanine Glasgow

In-home Services, Provided By JJC Family Services, For Pre-Adjudicated Youth

Home Based Delinquent Services (HBDS) is a program that provides supervision to youth who have been arrested and charged with an offense. On any one day, we serve about 100 youth and their families.

In-Home Detention
This program is a highly structured, home-based, alternative to incarceration for youth awaiting dispositions of their cases in Family Court. Intensive supervision of up to 18 hours is provided per week for each youth. The objectives of the program are to provide sufficient supervision to insure the youth's court appearance, remain arrest-free, observe curfews and attend school/work. To meet those requirements, social workers conduct educational, life skills counseling, recreational, cultural and social activities. The social worker ensures the youth's court appearance by picking up the youth and family at their home and taking them to the hearing. Adjustment reports are provided for the court by the social worker.

Attention employers!
Youth in our programs are looking for employment opportunities. Can you help? Our youth are motivated and supervised by counselors.

Contact G. Wayne Mallory at (215) 849-2112 ext 3202