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Program Director: Cheryl Gill
Executive Director: Jeanine Glasgow

An In Home Services Program Provided By JJC Family Services

Intensive Prevention Services (IPS)

IPS provides site-based program three weeknights a week and Saturday mornings, combined with family counseling, to work with "at risk" youth who have been truant from school.

JJC's "Intensive Prevention Services" program works with youth and their families referred to JJC by the Philadelphia Department of Human Services. The target population is youth between the ages of 10 and 17, with one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Chronically truant
  • Suspended from school three or more times or expelled in last twelve months
  • Arrested within the past 12 months
  • History of running away

The major objective is to work with the youth and families to prevent truancy, to steer youth away from delinquency by offering positive role models, improve school performance and in many cases to help family relationships through individual/family counseling and constructive activities. We also aim to enhance life and social skills.

Youth meet on three evenings a week at Suite B, Burgess Center, 5538 Wayne Avenue in Germantown. Our case managers and counselors also make home visits to work with the parents or guardians to help remediate issues that might be causing truancy or delinquent behavior.

The program aims to preserve and strengthen the family's capability to utilize resources appropriately, so that, when IPS interventions cease, there are strong enduring supports in place for the youth.

JJC's IPS program serves northwestern, northern and northeastern sections of the City.

For more information, please contact program director Cheryl Gill at 267-368-5768