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Behavioral Heath Services (BH) 
Provides psychiatric and psychological evaluations, therapy and support services.

Department of Permanency Planning (DOPP)
Provides full range of permanency services to foster parents and Kinship parents who are seeking permanency for placed children.

Face Forward 2 (FF2)
Provides workforce development for young people who have been involved with the juvenile court system. The program is focused on young people who have an interest in pursuing career-recognized credentials and skills (a program sponsored by Connection Training Services and the Dept of Labor)

Home Based Delinquent Services (HBDS)
Provides in-home supervision to youth who have been arrested and charged with an offense, through In-home Detention and Pre-hearing Intensive Supervision.

Intensive Prevention Services (IPS) 
Provides site-based program 3 week nights a week and Saturday mornings, combined with family counseling, to work with "at risk" youth who have been truant from school.

Parents Empowering Program (PEP) 
Provides 4 month courses in parenting skills.

Residential Services (RS) 
Services include community-based detention services (CBDS) and group homes for females and males.

Services To Foster Children(SFC)
Provides services to children and parents within their own homes, in order to prevent child placement.

Truancy Prevention and Intervention Initiative (TPII)
Provides prevention and intervention services to truant youth, their families, court and the community.


JJC Family Services is committed to an anti-discrimination policy in all of its programs and services. The agency is consciously and proactively inclusive of all areas of diversity including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, socioeconomic status, marital status, language, disability, or immigration status.