Foster Care

JJC recruits, screens, trains, reimburses, and provides services and supports for foster and kinship parents for children who are in need of foster care.

JJC’s foster care program provides resource homes that can  temporarily provide loving, supportive care to children from birth to 21 years of age. Children are placed in our resource homes due to circumstances that have prevented their birth parents or legal guardians to care for them due to many different circumstances. Not all children that come into foster care are victims of child abuse and neglect. Some children come into care due to reasons such as the death of their guardian, incarceration of thier primary care giver, or poverty related issues.  The goal for all children that come into care is to to be reunited with thier birth parents, find permanency with other relatives, or find a forever home through adoption or permanent legal custodianship.

To learn more about being a foster parent and to attend Foster Care information sessions at JJC, click here.

To view Pennsylvania’s state requirements to foster children, click here.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent,
take our Foster Parent Online Inquiry,
or contact the following:

Patty Jones-Thompson
215-849-2112 ext 5151

For more information regarding referrals and other program information, please contact:

Dr. Corinne Macon, Director of Foster Care and Placement Services

(215) 849 – 2112 ext 5167