Truancy Prevention and Intervention Initiative

Provides prevention and intervention services to children and youth who are identified by the School District of Philadelphia experiencing difficulties in attending school on a consistent basis.

JJC provides a rapid three tier intervention and prevention service to children and youth that have been identified as being truant or at risk of being truant from school. JJC provides case management services to families whose children are experiencing problems with attending school on a regular and consistent basis. Our case managers work within schools in the Northwest region of Philadelphia.  JJC truancy case managers work in collaboration with the identified schools, the Department of Human Services, and Regional Truancy Court to help eliminate the barriers impacting school attendance and adhering to Pennsylvania’s Act 138. Click the link below to learn about Act 138.

 Truancy Facts on Act 138

To learn more about our Truancy Prevention and Intervention program, please contact:

John Alicea, Program Director

215-849-2112 ext. 3507