Intensive Behavior Health Services

JJC’s Behavior Health program provides psychiatric and psychological supportive services, evaluations, therapy and behavioral rehabilitative services to children and adolescents living within the Philadelphia county. We provide an array of therapeutic interventions and implement trauma informed evidenced based models of therapeutic practices such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Our clients come to JJC with having experienced signs and symptoms of depression, severe trauma, post-traumatic stress,  Autism, and other emotional or behavioral diagnoses.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! 

On May 12, 2023, JJC is hosting a free  virtual mental health screenings from 3pm to 7pm.   

Questions about the May 12, 2023 screenings? Please call 215-849-2112 ext. 5221

To access your free virtual screening, click this link

To follow up after your screening,  click this link   to be connected to a mental health professional. 

   All screenings are confidential!


Please read our testimonials below.

For nearly 20 years, JJC has been a licensed outpatient mental health provider, offering psychiatric and psychological services for children, and families. Services include Behavior Health Rehabilitative Services, psychological and psychiatric evaluations, medication management, group therapy, individual and family psychotherapy, Parent and Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) and wraparound services such as mobile therapy and therapeutic support services offered in the community, school, and in the clients’ homes.

Insurances Accepted: JJC accepts Medicaid and third-party insurances from most private health plans for behavioral health services.

Referrals to Behavioral Health Division may be made by contacting JJC’s Office Coordinator at: (215) 849-2112 ext. 5221.

For more information about JJC’s Behavioral Health Department please contact:

Amy Trask, Director of Clinical Operations

215-849-2112 ext 5510



“My son has been receiving services from JJC for almost 7 years now.  JJC has provided myself with guidance, sound advice and understanding on top of the behavioral and psychological services my son requires.  TSS Services, Behavioral Specialist, Mobile and Outpatient therapy as well as monthly visits with JJC’s psychiatrist are all coordinated by JJC. It is like a one stop shop when it comes to providing me with the guidance I require for my son.

 From the onset, we’ve always felt welcome and cared for.  Ms. Amy and Jackie have always made feel that we are important; which is something that I have never felt with other agencies I’ve worked with.  It is that sense of “family”, and that they truly CARE.  Other places make you feel like you are on an industrial conveyor belt.  Some places, don’t even remember your name.  Ms. Amy has an extraordinary way with my son, that I know I won’t find elsewhere.  The clinical value of her sessions with my child have brought on much improvement.  There is not one session where my son, has not walked away happy and more confident.  The knowing he has the “she gets me” feeling means so much to me and him.  But JJC is not only Ms. Amy, it is Also Jackie, who knows every single thing, under the sun, about services and how to connect with them, Mr. John, who goes above and beyond his job of observing behavior to also Dr. Piechota, whose very careful management of my son’s medication has brought us to the perfect combination of medication my son needs. We grateful and hope to continue services with JJC.  It is with pleasure and honor to recommend The Juvenile Justice Center and its very competent and valuable employees.  When you’ve found something as good as JJC you shouldn’t let go; which is exactly why my son and I keep coming here”. 

“As a twelve-year consumer of the Juvenile Justice Center, I can say that there is something remarkable and unique about this agency. For one thing, it’s an agency that is really caring and compassionate about their clients.  Over the years with ease, I have been able to change an appointment, request a meeting with staff regarding my immediate concerns and be a part of my son’s overall treatment plan. Thank you JJC for being such an outstanding agency”.