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The Juvenile Justice Center of Philadelphia (JJC) is a non-profit, multi-service organization that serves the needs of disadvantaged children, youth and families. Our mission is to maintain families through supportive services, to prevent children and youth from being placed in care, and also to ready families for reunification with their children. JJC has a Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC) opening in our Coulter Street office(s).

Job Summary

The Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC) is the clinical lead of a child’s treatment team. The BSC conducts observation and assessment of target behaviors, formulates a plan to improve functioning, and oversees the implementation of an individualized resiliency plan to teach replacement skills to the child. The BSC provides consultation across the home/school/community setting in order to assist the child in generalizing skills. The BSC provides training and consultation to the child’s team to teach positive, strength based interventions. The BSC provides oversight and supervision of therapeutic support staff. The BSC monitors outcomes and adjusts the resiliency plan as needed to assist the child to achieve goals. The BSC demonstrates the philosophy, mission, and values of Juvenile Justice Center during all interactions with children and families, therapeutic team members, and community members. Only a PA licensed BSC, LCSW, LSW, LMFT, LPC or Licensed Clinical Psychologist may serve individuals under 21 with Autism.


Licensed Professionals are required to deliver services to individuals under 21 with Autism, BSC-A. Professional licenses may include: Licensed Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Clinical Psychologist or PA Licensed Behavior Specialist Consultant.

A Behavioral Specialist Consultant – PA Licensed must meet the following minimum qualifications:

Master’s degree or higher in school, clinical, developmental or counseling psychology, special education, social work, speech therapy, occupational therapy, professional counseling, behavioral analysis, nursing or another related field.

Verification of substantial relationship of major to behavior specialist practice:

School, university or program must verify that major course of study that has a substantial relationship to the practice of a behavior specialist.

Non Licensed Professionals: (can only provide BSC service to non ASD individuals).

Individual must meet criteria for: Master’s Degree from an accredited university in a clinical mental health discipline such as Psychology, Counseling, Clinical Social Work, Psychiatric Nursing, and/or Marriage and Family therapy. Degree must include clinical course work in the foundation of behavioral health and the provision of mental health services (e.g. individual group and family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, crisis counseling, abnormal psychology, psychopathology, assessment, child development, personality theory, psychotherapy lab, clinical practicum). Other courses may be considered as determined by transcript/syllabi review.

For a degree to count as a mental health degree, the degree must contain at least 12 credit hours in core behavioral health coursework as defined above. No more than 3 of the 12 credit hours can be derived from a supervised clinical mental health practicum experience.

Training in behavior analysis/modification -minimum of 8 hours prior to hire and 8 hours annually thereafter.

Regular/documented clinical supervision by licensed psychologist

Two years verified post-master’s experience providing mental health treatment to children

One (1) year experience using behavior analysis/modification techniques

JJC is an Equal Opportunity Employer, embracing diversity and inclusion in all of its services.

The position is Fee-For-Service and cases are allocated on an as needed basis. Cases are not guaranteed and the position is a contracted position. Organization benefits do not apply.

Please send resume, cover letter and salary requirement to

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