Child and Family Profile Writer (Contracted)

The Child and Family Profile Writer is to prepare the assigned child profile for children, whether their goal is Adoption, Permanent Legal Custodianship, or APPLA (Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement).

This position is a contracted position that requires flexibility in the Writer’s schedule. The contracted Profile Writer is responsible for paying their own taxes; using their own computer or having access to a computer; and supplying their own resources when completing and writing the profile as much of the work is completed outside of JJC. Paper for making copies of file documents at DHS, JJC, and other provider agencies will be provided by JJC. Although this is a contracted position, the profile workers are responsible for representing JJC in a professional manner and abiding by all code of ethics, personnel polices and policies and procedures as it relates to this position.

The Contracted Child & Family Profile social worker reports to the Director of Permanency Planning.

The Child Profile Writer will work independently, setting his or her own hours, and consulting with the Program Director concerning progress and barriers in completing the assigned profile within 90 days of being assigned.

The Child Profile Writer must be able to set times to meet with other professionals involved in completing the profile and be available to do research at DHS during DHS’s business hours. Evening, and weekends may be required to complete the the profile. There is no guarantee of caseload size or assignment. Cases are assigned on an as needed basis when JJC’s full time DOPP worker(s) is at capacity or when there is a need to cover additional coverage

Compensation for a completed and approved Child Profile is $700.00. No benefits, over-time, guaranteed hours, and paid holidays are applicable. Mileage is not reimbursable; parking is not reimbursable. The Fee for Service Child Profile Writer is responsible for his or her own taxes and will need to have an updated W9 form on file.
1. Bachelor’s degree or MSW in human services, preferably social work, psychology, counseling, or social service or a related discipline coupled with at least 3-5 years experience in adoption or foster care services.
2. Solid assessment skills in evaluating and interviewing children and parents.
3. An annual physical form verifying that the employee is “free from contagion”.
4. Act 160 and FBI Clearances which need to be updated every two years.
5. The ability and willingness to adjust work hours in accord with family and other professional’s schedule.
6. Excellent writing skills and demonstrated proficiency in utilizing Microsoft Software office applications. Solid computer and above average writing skills and grammar ability is required as child profiles are research quality papers with a minimum length of 18 -20 pages (much longer for APPLA and other children who have been in foster care long term).
7. The on-going use of a computer with WORD programming and daily e-mail capacity is required.
8. Ability to use and understand the internet and other computer data base systems is necessary as means of gathering credible information and conducting research.
9. Excellent oral communication skills and professional interviewing skills.
10. Ability to work with diverse families, children, and other professionals collaboratively and professionally within a wide range of ages, neighborhoods, cultural views, and parenting experiences in a non-judgmental or bias manner.
11. Excellent time management skills and the ability to meet required deadline set forth by JJC and SWAN.

1. The Contracted Child Profile Writer is responsible for taking every necessary step to ensure that timely and proper completion of the assignment. It is expected that close communication will occur with all members of the JJC team and outside personnel, including the DHS /CUA social worker, City Solicitor, Child Advocate, other provider agencies (if assigned by SWAN), the child’s therapist, teacher, birth family (if PLC or APPLA only), etc.
2. Preparing child profiles according the Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) format.
3. Assignment and completion of the child profiles is in accordance with the SWAN timelines (90 days)
4. Interviewing children and perspective adoptive parents arranged at mutually convenient times giving preference to the perspective parent’s schedule.