Outpatient Therapist – PCIT Clinician

Behavioral Health Department

The Juvenile Justice Center of Philadelphia (JJC) is a non-profit, multi-service organization that serves the needs of disadvantaged children, youth and families. Our mission is to maintain families through supportive services, to prevent children and youth from being placed in care, and also to ready families for reunion with their children. JJC has an Outpatient Therapist – PCIT Clinician opening in our Coulter Street office(s).

Job Summary

The PCIT Clinician is an integral team member of the Behavior Health department. The Outpatient Therapist is an integral team member of the Behavior Health department. An Outpatient Therapist for PCIT delivers child centered, family-focused PCIT sessions utilizing the evidence-based approach and protocols. Services are delivered in an office setting with full PCIT specifications and an authorization is not required for this service.  Treatment is focused on strengthening the interactive relationship between the young child and the parental figure through play based interactions. The therapist utilizes strategies derived from the principles of attachment and behavior modification to help the child and family reach their goals. Our programs serves children with diagnoses that include but are not limited to: Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Mood and Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, and severe emotional disturbance. Therapeutic services assist in integration or reintegration into least restrictive school, home, and community based settings.


Master’s degree in a clinical mental health discipline, such as psychology, counseling, clinical social work, psychiatric nursing or marriage and family therapy.  The degree must include 12 credit hours of core behavioral health coursework.

Completion of a PCIT training program, such as a learning collaboration, completion of training under a PCIT trainer or supervisor, etc.

The position is Fee-For-Service and cases are allocated on an as needed basis. Cases are not guaranteed and the position is a contracted position. Organization benefits do not apply.

Please send resume, cover letter and salary requirement to hrdepartment@juvenilejustice.org

JJC is an Equal Opportunity Employer, embracing diversity and inclusion in all of its services.

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