Aftercare Evening Reporting Center


Beginning in February, 2020, JJC’s Aftercare Evening Reporting Center is a resource for justice involved youth between the ages of 16-20 who are in need of successfully completing  terms of probation following a juvenile placement or to prevent placement in the juvenile justice system. This community based program  is designed to provide youth with daily and structured group and individual case management, life skills, educational and employment coaching, community service opportunities, pro-social activities, access to and linkages to behavioral health &drug and alcohol services,  and a host of other services to equip them with the needed resources to remain arrest free and to prevent further involvement with the juvenile justice system.

The program participants  are referred to JJC’s Aftercare Evening Reporting Center by their probationary officer, committing judge, public defender, or district attorney.  Youth are expected to report to the center Monday through Friday between the hours of 4pm and 8pm and participate in community service projects on alternative Saturdays.  This program is funded by the Department of Human Services, Juvenile Justice Services Department.