Home Based Detention Services

The In-Home Detention program serves youth who have been arrested for an act of delinquency and are referred through Family Court of Philadelphia.

For more than 23 years, JJC has provided services for youth who have been arrested and charged with a crime who, through receiving In-Home Detention (IHD) and supportive services, connects each youth with a case worker that mentors each youth and provides intensive home based case management services. Our case managers work on identifying the issues that led to their arrest. Participants spend up to 18 hours a week with their case worker and participates in one on one and group sessions that focus on goal setting, life skills, employment, leadership skills, cultural awareness, educational supports, team building, community service projects, and character building.


Tiffany M Dewitt

“When I was 16 years old, I was involved in JJC’s In home detention program. I believe being in the program with JJC has changed me as a person in many ways.  During this program, I  was given an advocate, Miss Sunshine,  who truly made a huge impact in my life.  To this day, we remain in contact and she has always pushed me and motivated me to become something in life and I will always appreciate her for that.  Being on the program changed the way I looked at situations and inspired me to succeed and do good things in my life.  Everyday Miss Sunshine went above and beyond to encourage me to keep moving forward and has also helped me overcome low self-esteem issues by spending so much time with me and having inspiring conversations with me reminding me that I am beautiful and I can do anything I put my mind to.  She has always kept me safe and helped me through tough situations. 

“Today, I am in school to become a medical assistant and have a great job with pay satisfying enough to pay my bills and support myself and children.   She is a great role model and an inspiring person to look up to and thanks to JJC I love my life. I appreciate everything I have and I will always be motivated to keep moving forward to have a great future without allowing anyone to get in the way.  If I had the chance to be a part of the program again, I definitely would, with no hesitation.  Especially bringing in everything I’ve learned and accomplished I feel as though I, myself could be a great role model for the young adults to help put them on the right path and open their eyes to the great future they could have, the same way it was done for me. 

“I’ve met a lot of young adults around my age at the time I was on the program and realized every one of them has a situation and a story.  But we all had something in common-a second chance.  A second chance to become someone in life with the help of amazing advocates, instead of continuing down a wrong path of fighting, being hostile and getting into bad situations by hanging around the wrong people and ending up behind bars.  This program is truly an inspiration to young adults who need someone to guide them.”

Tajeahnay Monroe

“Being on in home detention changed my life because it helped me become a better person.  Although it changed me as a person, it helped me change my mindset too.  Being on in home detention changed my mindset because it kept me out of trouble.  It also helped me learn not everything has to be negative.  It taught me to think positive to have a positive outcomes.  Since being discharged, I am staying out of trouble, going to school and getting good grades.  Before I got put on (IHD) I used to fight, not follow directions, talk back to my mom, not go to school. Basically, I was just doing me, but not realizing I have bigger things to live for.  I have goals to accomplish, I also have little sisters who look up to me. I have to be a role model for them.”

For more information regarding our In-Home Detention Program and ways to support the work we do please contact:

 Wayne Mallory, Program Director at (215) 849-2112 ext 3202

E-Mail: wmallory@juvenilejustice.org