Intensive Prevention Services

Providing in-home family counseling sessions and site based programming for youth ages 10 to 17.

JJC’s IPS program began in 2011. The IPS program focuses on youth who are drifting into delinquency. IPS provides site based programming four times a week, in-home services, and connects and monitors youth in community service participation. A key component of IPS is the collaboration with each client’s school, Diversionary Programs and Police Districts, e.g., Youth Aid Panels, in order to reduce the impact on the “school-to-prison pipeline”.  The program is intended to prevent youth from formally entering the juvenile justice system and to teach the participants how to build character and to cope with situations. The IPS program offers participants the opportunity to engage in meaningful educational, life skills, and recreational activities while teaching the 7 C’s curriculum that focus on building competency, connections, coping, compassion, character, control, and coping skills.

To learn more about the IPS program, please contact:

Avonna McCastle Holmes,  Program Director  

267-368-5768 ext. 3704